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Our Story


Nourishing the soul to bloom and reveal your beauty within; stepping into your highest potential; finding and building confidence; shining an authentic light to encourage the bloom of others. 


Full Bloom’s Mission

To foster community and create products that allow you to take actionable steps, gain control of your life, and tap into your full potential.



Founder / Creative / Human 
“I want people to know that they deserve to thrive no matter their circumstances.” – Paris

Paris’ journey of self-discovery began when she moved from her hometown of San Diego, California, to celebrity-centric Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. This was her lifelong dream turned into a reality, but she was soon met with the stark truths of being in entertainment. Judgment and high, unrealistic expectations riddled her path to success, and she realized that, to survive in LA, mindset is everything. 

At that point, Paris started taking mindset work and self-development seriously. The lightbulb of her soul lit up, and her confidence emerged after much time spent healing and overcoming limiting beliefs that held her down. 

Paris went on to act and dance in TV shows, music videos, and commercial productions. She soon took to social media and decided to share her journey of self-development and empowerment— what she learned—to help others along a similar path.

Paris founded Full Bloom to remind others that having a clear sense of self is imperative when facing adversity, rejection, and negativity. The teachings, resources, and guides shared on Full Bloom are created to foster that process of clarity and healing. Whether you are absorbing Paris’ inspirational TikToks or finding comfort in our website, we hope Full Bloom inspires and motivates you to bloom into the best version of yourself.

With love,
Paris & Team 

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“I started a TikTok channel that was centered around self-love and self-care, and it inspired a lot of people! My following grew quite a bit, and several people insisted I come out with products that were in line with my content. That’s how Full Bloom was born.” – Paris


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